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The journey for the hospitality industry has been full of excitement, and with every year, the graph of success has become all the more sizable and achievable. Our services are targeted to help hotels secure B2B and B2C clients with much more ease, especially when it comes to wholesale bookings of different venues. Lamb Friday provides information on every type and sector of hotels which helps you have a bird-eye view of any location before choosing a hotel for any event.

Today, we are a growing firm driven by a desire to provide exceptional online and offline hotel services. With over 14+ years of experience in revenue management, budget forecasting, sales & marketing, and OTA management, we can be an ideal partner for your brand image.

Our international connections make us experts, but we also have other techniques to boom your business. We use direct marketing methods that increase the traffic along with the income to your hotel business while spreading awareness among wholesalers, tour operators, and travel agencies. We also assist you in expanding your distribution channels and determining the most appropriate hotel pricing based on current supply and demand patterns.

Our Vision

As the journey progresses, we aim towards catering to more hotels and resorts. We want to build our brand trust so that people look forward to working with us to expand their business.

We also ensure that we upgrade our services according to the trends, as we don’t want our clients to miss out on something trending.

We would also like to provide comfort and aesthetic value to our customers through our hotel sales and marketing platforms. It is our vision to brighten up everything for everyone.

As our industries and services evolve, we look forward to expanding into newer and different avenues, like hotel, travel and tourism, entertainment, all accommodation details and services one could imagine in one place.