Experience the tremendous growth in your hotel’s performance by constantly increasing the key metric - RevPar

RevPar is one of the major KPIs that plays a vital role in boosting the overall performance and revenue. By keeping a track of RevPar, you can optimize your room rates for driving more profits to your hotel business. Lamb team will assist you with primary and secondary strategies to increase the RevPar of your hotel. We come up with effective room pricing strategies according to the demand and supply in the industry. Also, we perform thorough competitor analysis and develop optimal room prices for different customer segments, i.e. leisure travelers, business travelers, etc. We also work on increasing your hotel’s occupancy rates by analysing the market trends that occurred in the previous months or years.

Domain Knowledge

Building Strategies

KPI Management

Apart from these primary strategies, our sales team takes complete responsibility for other secondary factors that have an indirect impact on increasing your RevPar. We double down on digital marketing by blogging, email marketing, online ads, OTA ads, social media marketing, etc

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