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Bespoke Weekend Tour from Jaipur to Pushkar Highlights

The Pushkar package attractions

Pushkar is one of India’s oldest cities. 

The pilgrimage site with the devotional atmosphere of Rajasthan witnesses many meals, aarti, and the group meets each year. 

The Holy city Pushkar is located northwest of Ajmer is a great attraction. 

The city is the heart of Rajasthan, with many religious and pious temples, mosques, etc. Pushkar is bordered on three sides by hillocks at a height of 510 meters. 

Ajmer is the nearby town, city.

The continuous mountain ranges of Aravalis cover the region.

The essence of the famed Pushkar rose is known all over the world

. Also called “the rose garden of Rajasthan.” 

The amazing and devotional mythological history is par excellence and soothing.

The city has a legacy of ageless architectural heritage.

The only temple devoted to Lord Brahma in the entire world is located in Pushkar. 

A pilgrimage to Pushkar is considered by Hindus to be the ultimate pilgrimage that must be completed to achieve salvation.

The Mela, Camel ride, and the Religious environment, with comfortable adventures, make it wonderful. 

Jaipur to Pushkar Tour Package Overview

About the tour:

Pushkar, a tiny town in Rajasthan’s heartland. It offers a mystical aura and a vibrant culture. The historic city, which is nestled between hills on three sides and dunes on the fourth, has elegantly kept its centuries-old legacy and culture. The city has a lot to offer each of its visitors, from the colourful alleyways lined with handicraft shops to the golden desert dunes that may be explored while riding a camel. Your fantastic stay at the ‘Secret Garden’ offers a dynamic blend of old and new, keeping faithful to the essence of Pushkar. The fort-like residence will give you rustic emotions and take you back to the Middle Ages without paring the modern luxury conveniences.

Tour Packages

A short glance at the package

Weekend Tour

2 days/1 night

End Point: Jaipur

Start Point: Jaipur

Route: Jaipur-Pushkar-Jaipur

Package Inclusions

  • Stay in the lovely and spacious accommodations at Pushkar’s 
  • Buffet meals based on the variant chosen
  • Highly Skilled Driver Cum Guide
  • Sightseeing according to the itinerary
  • Comfortable and sanitized car (SUV/Sedan) for sightseeing on all program days
  • Exploring time included.

The Absolute Must-Sees:

  • Take a trip to the local farm with a member of the resort’s staff to pick fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • With the help of a potter, try your hand at making beautiful pottery.
  • Take a camel ride through the streets of Pushkar for a traditional Rajasthani experience.
  • Go shopping in Pushkar’s streets and strange stores, which sell beautiful goods.
  • Participate in a prayer ceremony at Pushkar Lake on one of the Ghats.
  • Trek up to the famed Savitri Temple, which is perched on a mountaintop.
  • Explore the majestic forts of Kishangarh, which are close by.
  • Go to Naga Pahar to get some of the most Instagram-worthy photos.
  • Visit the Varah Temple, Pushkar’s largest and most beautifully sculpted temple.

Modes of transportation to comply with:

By Flight: The ideal way to get to Jaipur is by air, as the city has its airport, Jaipur Airport (JAI), which is located in the city’s centre to easily have the city’s major attractions access.

Travelling by train to Jaipur Railway Station (JP) is another excellent alternative, as it is well connected to cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. This city of regal splendour is also visited by the sumptuous ‘Palace on Wheels.’

By Road: Another nice option is to take a bus or a cab to Jaipur, which has a well-developed road network connecting it to important cities nearby. The primary national highways connecting Jaipur to other cities are NH 8, NH 11, and NH 12.

Itinerary Includes:

Day 1: Arrive at Jaipur, and explore the Pushkar City

  • When you arrive at Jaipur International Airport/Railway Station, you will be met by a representative who will arrange for your transfer to Pushkar, which is a picturesque town.
  • After completing the check-in procedures, relax for a bit in the lush green setting of a luxurious boutique hotel.
  • After a while, venture out to see the town’s famous sights and religious temples.
  • Brahma Ji Temple, Pushkar Lake, Rangji Temple, Gurudwara Sahib, Savitri Mata Temple, and Pushkar Bazaar are all worth seeing.
  • Later, go on a 30-minute camel safari to see the golden shimmering desert in all of its glory.
  • Stroll the streets and explore the vibrant marketplaces; you’ll find handcrafted stone jewellery, vibrant boho clothing, and much more.
  • Taste the flavours of excellent street delicacies like hot kachori, pakode, Malpue, khaman, falafel, and more in the cafes.
  • Later, immediately before the dusk, sunset get joyed by the religious aarti at the ghats, with golden atmosphere everywhere
  • Come back to the property, to rest for the day.

Day 2: Departure

  • Departure | Seek blessings at the Dargah of Ajmer-e-Sharif.
  • Check out of the hotel and depart to Ajmer after breakfast. Upon arrival, go on a short sightseeing tour to see the world-famous Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Dargah, Anasagar Lake, Dhai din ka Jhopra, Taragarh Fort, and other notable tourist attractions.
  • After the tour, drive to Jaipur and be dropped off at the airport or railway station there.
  1. About the tour

In the largest state of India, enjoy the embellishments of the capital city.

Explore and trek the mountain ranges, fort, and chilly nightlife, with the tastiest flavours to keep you company. 

The rich lineage of Rajas and Mahals, the kings, and their kingdoms. The Exquisite Beauty of the palaces, the forts. The heritage is all included in the tour.

You can feel like a king for some days. The lavish lifestyle, the king-sized tantrums, the attire, the religious fervour, and everything included. 

The perfect weekend adventure, with calming beautiful destinations. 

Also the lavish and extended city parts with Pushkar, the main core of Rajasthan.

Explore the animals of Ranthambore, which was originally the royal family’s hunting grounds.

Stroll around Jaipur’s local markets, such as Bapu Bazaar and Johri Bazaar, while shopping for Rajasthan’s traditional items.

Visit the most authentic Sheesh Mahal, where the renowned song ‘Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna kya’ was shot, to appreciate the splendour of Amer Fort.

Spend the evening admiring the beauty of the Jal Mahal, which is partially submerged and only one storey is visible above the water level.

Attractions of the Jaipur tour package:

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, was established in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and is recognized as the Pink City. 

Enjoy the pink walls of its city area, the forted walls with explicit history, and courageous Rajputi traditions and war stories.

Indulge in the culture, with vast avenues and expansive gardens. 

The forts, the temples, the magnificent king-size life, which is hospitable and welcoming at the same time.

The warmth in its traditions, the Rajputi attire, the lingual bingo, add more to every offer.

The tastiest food variety in India and abroad, with tongue-licking savouries and sweets, around which many festivals are made.

The Majestic forts and palaces, tinged pink, where the maharajas once resided, is open to visitors.

The bustling bazaars of Jaipur, which are known for Rajasthan jewellery, textiles, and shoes, have a timeless appeal and are a buyers’ paradise.

The first planned city of India is still connected to its roots.

All seasons can be truly experienced with every one of them having a different aura, and rituals, all day long.

The colourful chunri, the ghaat are some amazing apparel worn in day-to-day life. 

The city is a hub for exporting its coloured gems, and jewellery made of stones, copper, and metalwork.

The Ancient heritage is in high spirits matching the metropolis. 

The night view from the forts of Nahargarh, Jaigarh, from where the whole life in Jaipur is visible.

The extremely simple ways of commuting, making it the simplest of cities in the world, is easy to locate.

Garh Ganesh, Birla Mandir, Moti Dungri, Govind Dev Ji, and many others are the religious Temples in the background.

The city has a natural boundary of Aravalis, which gives it an adventurous appeal. 

It is one of the golden triangle’s three corners, which also comprises Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

It has both wonderful blends of modernity and tradition. Yet the family values, religious values are all encompassed in every resident. 

And the capital of the state of hospitality, the city has Padharo Sa, campaigns in real life. 

Explore the erstwhile royal hunting grounds of Ranthambore, which is now one of the country’s most prominent tiger reserves, after exploring the royalness of Jaipur. As you go deep into the forest, hear the tremendous roar of Royal Bengal Tigers and get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see them in their natural habitat at Ranthambore National Park. Experience the remains of Ranthambore Fort and learn about the history that surrounds it.

Quick Glance For the trip

Route: Jaipur – Ranthambore – Jaipur

Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights

Start Point: Jaipur

End Point: Jaipur

The package includes the following

Stay at clean and hygienic properties

Breakfast buffet as specified in the itinerary

A guide cum driver

Sightseeing according to the itinerary

All tolls, parking, petrol, and driver reimbursements are included in the price.

On all days of the program, a comfortable and sanitary vehicle (SUV/Sedan) will be provided for sightseeing.

The package does not include admission to the attractions or tickets to the Wildlife Safari.

Things not to miss out

Listen to the storey of Machali, an 18-year-old tigress who controlled Ranthambore.

At the Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Centre, take a tour to see how the famed Jaipur Blue pottery is made.

Riding on the back of an elephant, have a Maharaja-style tour of Amer Fort.

At Jawahar Circle, take a stroll around Asia’s largest signal park.

Admire the 18th-century Jaivana cannon at Jaigarh, whose shot created a tiny lake in Chaksu after travelling almost 35 kilometres.

Walk inside the secret tunnel that connected the Amer fort to Jaigarh during the battles.

How to Get in Touch:

By Air: The best way to get to Jaipur is by plane, as the city has its airport, Sanganer, which is only 10 kilometres from the city centre. 

By Rail: Another good option is to go by rail through Jaipur, which is well connected to Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. The opulent ‘Palace on Wheels’ also makes a stop in the city of regal magnificence.

By Road: Another viable option is to go by bus or taxi, as Jaipur has a well-developed road network connecting it to major Indian towns. The primary national highways connecting Jaipur to other cities are NH 8, NH 11, and NH 12.


Day 1

Arrival at Jaipur (India) | Welcome to Jaipur, India’s “Pink City.” 

  • Arrive in Jaipur, where a representative will assist you in getting transferred to your hotel.
  • You can go on an optional visit to the Laxminarayan Temple, popularly known as Birla Mandir, in the evening.
  • Following that, you can travel to Chokhi Dhani, an ethnic village resort where you can take a camel ride and watch a puppet play.
  • Post that return to your hotel in Jaipur, and spend the night. 

Day 2

Explore Amber Fort’s Sheesh Mahal, a Bollywood Film Heartthrob, on a Jaipur sightseeing tour.

  • The majestic Amber Fort and Palace, perched on the summit of Aravali Hill and overlooking Jaipur’s Pink City, can be visited.
  • Then there’s Gaitore, a royal cremation site as well as an aesthetic marvel for the Kachhwaha Rajputs.
  • In between, have a look at the beautiful Man Sagar Lake. The grandiose Jal Mahal palace, built of red sandstone, is a sight to behold.
  • You can then visit the City Palace and Museum. Visit the Jantar Mantar, a cultural landmark with fixed instruments for conducting astronomical calculations, to learn more about Jaipur’s history.
  • In the evening, you can visit the Hawa Mahal for a photo opportunity or explore the nearby markets.
  • You can return to your accommodation once you’ve finished visiting the city.
  • In Jaipur, stay for the rest of the day, at the hotel.

Day 3: Enroute to Ranthambore

From Jaipur to Ranthambore | Visit the Fort Ruins in Ranthambore’s Wilderness

  • After a great breakfast, get ready to travel to Ranthambore, Rajasthan’s wildlife capital.
  • Ranthambore is a small village near Sawai Madhopur that is home to the majestic Bengal Tigers.
  • When you arrive in Ranthambore, you can check into a hotel and rest for a while.
  • In the afternoon, you can go to the Ranthambore Fort, which was built by the Chauhan Royal dynasty in 994 A.D. atop a high watercourse and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • When you arrive at the fort, make sure to trek to the top to see the famed Ganesha Temple, which draws a large number of tourists.
  • Take in the breathtaking view of the lush green valley from the fort, and try to see the tigers that frequent the region.
  • You can return to the hotel once you’ve finished exploring the fort.
  • Enjoy your stay in a hotel in Ranthambore.

Day 4: Explore Ranthambore

  • Take a Safari in the Ranthambore National Park and meet the Royal Bengal Tigers up close.
  • Ranthambore
  • Start your day off well with a substantial breakfast and get set for an exciting day ahead.
  • When you’re ready, travel to Shilpgram, the safari’s starting location.
  • Here you can board the canter/jeep that will take you around the Ranthambore National Park’s inner reaches.
  • Hold on as your vehicle hops and dips, twists, and turns through tiny clearings surrounded by gorgeous trees.
  • At the same time, keep a lookout for a tiger and its cubs playing in the greenery.
  • The visits are regular, so keep your camera handy to catch wonderful images of the majestic Bengal Tigers.
  • Don’t get too concentrated on the tigers; there’s plenty else to see, including Striped Hyenas, Jackals, Chinkaras, Indian Wolf, Panthers, Sloth Bears, Crocodiles, and Pythons.
  • When you’ve had your fill of exploring Ranthambore National Park, the canter/jeep will transport you back to Shilpgram, where you can check into your accommodation.
  • In Ranthambore get the required rest for the day.

Day 5:

End of Trip with a Bag Full of Lifetime Memories | Ranthambore to Jaipur and Departure

  • Get up in the morning and eat a delicious breakfast.
  • Pack your belongings, along with a treasure of fond memories, and check out of the hotel.
  • After that, you can begin your journey back to Jaipur.
  • When you get to your selected destination in Jaipur, the journey will come to a close with magnificent memories.