Our strategies involve analyzing competitive pricing and accordingly set the right pricing model to maximize revenue.

Lamb Friday has vast experience in assisting hotels on how to generate high quality sales leads through compelling offline marketing campaigns and impressive content strategy. We measure success by increasing occupancy rates from the previous year and exceeding RevPAR goals. Our prime objective is to strike a balance between the inventory and occupancy by offering the right pricing mix to the right customer.

Networking & Engaging 70%

Publications 75%

Communications 85%

Printing Ads75%

Our revenue management team is highly skilled and trained to offer personalized recommendations for increasing the occupancy rate and ultimately the revenue potential. With the help of the latest data analytics tools and forecasting models, our revenue manager gives expert advice to set competitive average room rates (ARR) and maximise your RevPAR (revenue per available room).

We mainly focus on analyzing the booking window patterns, room types sold and current reservations to predict the demand for the upcoming days and accordingly design programs to help hoteliers maximize all revenue opportunities.

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