Keep a track of your budget and enjoy better ROI through our cost-effective PPC campaigns

Running a successful and result oriented PPC campaign requires a specific skill set such as robust understanding, extensive keyword research and budget planning. Lamb Friday holds expertise in all these skill sets and is an emerging digital specialist in running Google Ads and paid social media campaigns. Our in-depth research and strategic planning make us the best partner for managing PPC accounts for start-ups, small-scale, medium-scale and large businesses. Whether you are looking for enhancing your brand awareness or planning to draw more visitors to your site and convert them to sales, Google Ads is an ultimate option.

Keyword Research 70%

Ad Relevance 75%

Website Analysis 85%

Effective CTA75%

We help you reach prospective customers by layering strategies such as location, smart bidding strategy and constant keyword optimization. PPC (Pay Per Click) is also like a VIP pass to get a direct entry to the top of all the major search engines like Google. Additionally, you have the complete freedom to set your budget, stop the service whenever you want or run two or more ads during peak times. Our well-crafted PPC (Pay Per Click) services not just maximize your customer base but generate more clicks and ultimately increase conversions.

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