A well organized revenue management system is the key to implement an effective pricing strategy

At Lamb Friday, we chart a yearly roadmap for managing your revenue management system and widening your distribution channels. An effective revenue management model is the key to curate and optimize the hotel pricing according to the varying demand and supply in your target market. There are numerous benefits of outsourcing your revenue management tasks to a professional sales and marketing agency. You can cut down on hiring an in-house revenue management staff, and instead, get your tasks done from a professional agency. We, at Lamb Friday, perform competitive analysis and build demand based revenue management models for optimizing hotel revenue and yielding a profitable business.

Budget Forecast 70%

Market Fragmentation 75%

Revenue Management 85%

Pricing Strategy 75%

We also analyze the hotel performance on a weekly/monthly basis, and provide a detailed summary report along with suggestions to improve long term plans. We take complete responsibility of the booking process, reservations department, annual revenue budget process, distribution cost, performance review, forecast, and much more.

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